Pro: Working, interning while in college

College takes you on a journey that propels students toward their future careers, so if you work or have an internship while you attend school, it’s actually beneficial to your ultimate goal.

College is where you obtain a theoretical understanding of a particular area of study.  College is also the place where you start to build your foundation. During this time you are planting the mental seeds that will eventually turn your career dreams into realities.

If you are offered a job or an internship in your field of study, then you get to enjoy the benefits of getting a head start on your career.

You spend time in school to learn about what you want to do, but while at a job or an internship, you get to apply the knowledge you acquired from school, and start to gain experience and become proficient in your craft.

You’ll gain new experience and perfect your skills hands-on, and you also have the chance to build a professional network of people. A lot of the time life really is all about who you know.

If you’re an intern, it’s in your best interest to get to know the people around you, because these may be the people who hire you for a permanent job.  If you’re working and the company you work for feels you are a strong employee, by the time you graduate you’ll have a great chance of being  promoted.

You would get a preview of what your future could be like.  How many times have you heard someone say that they earned a degree, yet aren’t working in their field of study?  That happens all too often.

People may feel like college was a waste of time as a result. It would be better to work in the field while in school, because that way you could simply change your major and take additional classes if you need to.

Alternatively, you can work at a job you don’t like, and spend time with your co-workers complaining about the job you decided to take.

Having a job means you’re making money. Some internships are paid as well, which means that even as an intern it’s possible to earn wages. However, whether or not you receive compensation, you must understand that the experience itself is priceless.

Not everybody can manage to balance work or an internship with school. Some lack available time or have other responsibilities that prevent them from taking on additional commitments.

However, if you can make the commitment and you’re presented with a chance to work or intern in your field, then you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity.