Con: Taking More than 18 units

Taking more than 18 units in one college semester is not a wise decision for students that want to have a solid college experience.

Pierce College, like many other community colleges and universities, offers academic classes that are generally three units individually. If a student is currently enrolled in 18 units for the semester, then that is a total of six classes the student is taking.

The thought of a student wanting to register in more than six classes seems unrealistic. Academically, each class has its own demands and requirements, so time management is an important factor.

It will be extremely difficult to divide equal time and effort to each course to thoroughly complete assignments or study for possible tests and quizzes from instructors.

The quality of a student’s school work can suffer if there is not enough time and focus for each class, which could result in low grades.

A GPA is fragile and important for many students and could decide whether an undergraduate qualifies to graduate or get accepted into a graduate program.

It is better to take fewer classes in order to better concentrate on each one, rather than to overload on courses that can affect academic performance.

Another aspect that students overlook is the physical and mental energy used each semester. Taking over 18 units will cause students to lose sleep and can increase levels of stress if the classes are demanding and require meetings outside of the classroom.

Extracurricular activities are harder to be involved in if a student’s time is split between too many classes.

Involvement with athletics could become difficult for students while in-season. The time spent between school and preparation for games will make it harder for athletes to balance their schedules.

Taking more than 18 units could force students to avoid involvement with athletics or any other activities completely.

School should not be considered a race to the finish line of graduation, but a strategic academic plan toward a degree.

Counselors are available for a reason, and that reason is to guide students to make the right choices that will not impact their educational experience negatively.

Any student can make the decision to enroll in more than 18 units, but it should not be recommended.