Construction of stadium faces possible delay

Construction updates were the highlight of Thursday’s Pierce College Council meeting, with news of the stadium, fiber optics and North of Mall projects presented to the president’s advisory committee.

The Shepard Stadium project is underway and tractors continue to fill the sides of the gridiron with dirt, but it is uncertain if the construction will be completed by the initial deadline.

“We have run into minor issues with the contractor who requested for an extension,” Pierce College project director Ed Cadena said. “We are currently working it out with them to find a way to finish on time for next season.”

Cadena also briefed the PCC about the progress of other construction projects on campus, such as the campus-wide fiber-optic Wi-Fi project, set to begin within two weeks, and the North of Mall project, which is still on track to begin July 31.

“It has been exciting to have contractors and architects be able to finally work on plans we have had for a while,” Cadena said.

Vice President of Administrative Services Rolf Schleicher spoke on behalf of the campus Sheriff’s office about the cadet program’s rising popularity.

“The cadet program is growing in popularity for students who want to get into the law enforcement field,” Schleicher said. “It acts as almost an internship for students who can get hands-on experience before applying for LAPD or the Sheriff’s department.”

According to Schleicher, the crime rate has been low at Pierce, but surveillance systems around campus are still in consideration to increase safety.

“The campus police station is happy to announce that Pierce has been kept relatively quiet of any criminal activity,” Schleicher said. “They are looking to install surveillance systems to create an even safer environment for students and staff.”

Assistant Administrative Analyst Christine Valada’s request for the PCC’s approval of seven parking spaces designated for electric car charging was unanimously approved.

“Pierce currently has about a dozen faculty members who drive these cars. Several of these owners have come forward and said that their commute is too long to make it to work and back home without charging it at school,” Valada said. “It is just the beginning of this type of technology, and I believe the need for these stations will become greater in the future.”

The next PCC meeting is scheduled for May 21 at 2:30 p.m.