Pro: Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes are provides students the flexibility to learn from home as well as have the face-to-face interaction of the classroom.

The incorporation of web technology and online learning provides students the freedom to take responsibility of their own learning rather than attending a classroom surrounded by students who don’t care to engage.

College students are some of the most busiest individuals. One way to eliminate the busy schedule is to cut down on the time spent going class. Traveling to class, finding parking and walking to and from the classes can be eliminated completely. Hybrid classes allows students to save time and spend less money on gas from commuting to and fro. Online classes are convenient for students who are juggling jobs, multiple classes, and other personal responsibilities.  It not only benefits the student but the teachers as well.

Many students go to classes on campus and barely have to do the homework or special projects assigned. The hybrid courses give students that two in one learning opportunity. Students can accomplish both attending the class in the comfort of their own home  as well as naturally completing the provided online homework. Once a week classroom meetings free up academic schedules and allow time for students to find time to eat, attend social outings, sleep, and even allow more time to study for other courses. You can have some sort of life. A rare experience for college students.

Another advantage of hybrid classes is that they don’t fill up. Signing up for on-campus classes are a struggle and crashing classes are a headache. Students feel like it’s a dead end to yet another semester in trying to complete units to transfer. But wait, theres more! These hybrid classes offer almost a relief to students who are trying to transfer out faster and commute to class less.

Hybrid classes saves time, gas, money and frees up a student’s academic schedule providing them more of a life. Less time in classrooms can open up a freeway of countless opportunities to students who are working, have families, or want to spend more time on their craft and skill sets.