Pro: Psych Visits

Some students may say that they have no problems and their lives are filled with nothing but positivity, but that statement is a pipe dream.

Students should be required to meet with the school psychologist because they can help them relieve stress and clear their minds.

Sometimes, students have one specific issue to worry about, but they ignore it and try to convince themselves to move on. But sometimes, that problem returns and students must seek help.

Psychology, the study of mind and behavior, is a process of understanding the principle mentality of the human mind and being able to reconstruct it.

This can help students because their stress may be caused by work, school, finances or family matters. Dealing with those issues alone can frustrate and affect a student’s behavior.

They have exams to study for, but their jobs are not being productive with them. They need money so they can pay their tuition, bills and taxes. Students need to stay up late to for final exams. These can be exhausting scenarios for students to deal with.

There are students who can become overwhelmed by stress and there are students who have to deal with problematic issues. Students tend to not deal with their issues and not talk about them with anyone, which can be very unhealthy.

When students have an issue and don’t feel comfortable talking to other people, a psychologist is the person for them to trust and to be able to talk with.

This can be a way for students to feel at ease when they have someone they can share their feelings with and express what they want to improve.

Meeting with a psychologist is also a way to connect with students and show the appreciation they have toward them. Even if a student is not feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, they will know that someone is looking out for them.
School psychologists are helpful people and are always available to any students who need mental or emotional assistance.