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Con: Charities focusing on America

Today, we often see people in America focusing more on other countries than their own citizens. Before we can properly address issues around the world, it’s important to tackle our own individual problems here in the United States.

Charities based in America tend to focus more on other countries outside of the U.S. We often wonder though, should this be the case?

There are plenty of disadvantaged kids, families, and cities in America.

While the need for helping others around the globe remains, it is important to focus on solving our own problems as well.

According to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, 610,042 were homeless in the United States.

We often drive around our neighborhoods and see men and women begging on the streets for food or shelter.

It is important to acknowledge that while we are donating food and volunteering in other countries, there are still people here in the America who are suffering.

While some may not be homeless, we still have a high rate of poverty in the U.S.

Families are unable to afford to send their kids to college, many people are unable to receive medical attention, and many simply cannot afford to keep up with day to day necessities.

Charities should make sure that they focus and prioritize helping those around them before they tackle global obstacles.

Another issue that should be brought to charities attention, are the amount of veterans that simply do not have enough income. In addition, a large amount of veterans who return home from abroad may later suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD may extend one’s time receiving an education and finding work, while lowering income overtime.

It is important to remember the sacrifices they have made serving in the military, and to support causes that help them when they return home.

If we focus on helping those in America first and foremost, we will become a stronger nation as a whole.

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