Parking permits required Sept. 14

Parking permits required Sept. 14

Parking permits will be required starting Monday, Sept. 14, for any car parked on the Pierce College campus.

Permits may be purchased on the Pierce website or from the business office. The purchase of a Restricted permit costs $20 and allows parking in Lot 4, on El Rancho Drive and in unpaved overflow lots. The ASO Preferred permit costs $27 and allows parking in all lots. Daily permits can also be purchased for $3 from meters located in each lot and allow parking in any lot on campus.

The Pierce Sheriff’s station will enforce permit requirements beginning Monday and citations will cost violators $30 according to Justin Ramos, a Sheriff’s security officer.

Signs on campus say permits will be required starting Saturday, Sept. 12, but according to Ramos parking enforcement in student lots will not be in effect on weekends. However, Ramos said cars parked in staff lots or handicapped spaces will still be cited on Saturdays and Sundays.

“I personally don’t recommend parking off-campus,” Ramos said, citing a higher rate of damage and theft from vehicles in areas not patrolled by the Pierce College Sheriff’s deputies and security officers.

According to Ramos, students who do not wish to purchase a permit and are willing to accept the risks may use street parking on Victory, Winnetka or Oxnard. Parking at the Metro Orange Line station, located at the northeast corner of Winnetka Ave. and Victory Blvd., is free for anyone using the Metro. However, the lot is only for Metro passengers and is patrolled by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which may issue citations to violators.
Students can call the Pierce College Sheriff’s station general information line at (818) 719-6450 with any parking or other non-emergency questions.


Correction: Sept. 18, 2015: Daily parking permits cost $1 for 30 minutes in the green 30 minute zone, or $3 for all-day parking in all other student parking spots. This article previously listed the figure $2, which was taken from the Pierce College website but is inaccurate.