Pro: Motorcycles exempt from parking passes

Motorcyclists do not need to pay for parking at Pierce College and it’s due to spatial issues. Pierce College has a problem, and it’s a congested parking lot.

Not only are students seeking street parking outside of campus to get a spot, they’re also finding spaces at different locations across the street.

Finding parking and walking distances to your class may take up valuable time that cuts into lecture and laboratory work.

Currently, I am enrolled in a class that assigns weekly timed quizzes upon arrival and if you are late past a certain extent, you can miss the quiz entirely, resulting in a failure.

I find that even arriving 30 minutes earlier to campus, I have struggled to be on time because of the difficulty of finding a parking space for my car.

Not paying for parking if you ride a bike promotes efficiency for all students and staff so that Pierce College parking lots will not be as congested.

Pierce College should instead create more parking for motorcycles. Two bikes can fit to one lane.

Motorcycles only take up half the space of a car and should not be required to pay or be fined for the full parking space.

Creating more distinguished motorcycle-friendly lanes at Pierce College will not only have a parking time impact for students and staff, but also an economic impact for the school.

The more opportunities vespas, mopeds and motorcycles have to park in their prioritized parking spaces, the more that opens up bigger spaces for car parking.

This means that Pierce College can have a higher potential in accumulating parking money.

Instead of students parking outside of campus and on the sidewalks for free, they will have the opportunity to return to Pierce as the school makes profit of it.

Pierce College is also located on a hill, which doesn’t allow motorcycles to have the same risks and opportunities as car spaces.

Cars can park upward or downward on a hill, rotate their tires and adjust the emergency parking brake so the vehicle doesn’t reverse or move. Motorcycles are more likely to tip over when parked on a hill since they do not have a reverse option making it very dangerous to park.

Instead of having Pierce College require paid parking for motorcycles, they should create more opportunity for parking as it benefits students, staff and the school.