Con: Motorcycles exempt from parking passes

Motorcycle riders do not have to pay for parking at Pierce College, and that is ridiculous. Motorcycle parking spots are located near the front of parking lots.

A motorcycle rider has the ability to show up late to class and get a parking spot without worrying about having to find a spot.

And yet a car driver has to arrive early for class just for a chance at a parking spot. The car driver has to pay for parking whether its for the semester or just the day.

A motorcycle rider can also take a car sized parking spot, nothing limits them from taking one of those spots.

Motorcycles are given privileges but are not required to pay anything for those privileges. We believe that they should at least have to own a helmets for this benefit as this would promote safe driving! For the best motorbike helmets, there are many reviewing sites online that will help you chose the best product! Don’t forget to get the right motorcycle clothing keeps a rider warm and dry.

At Pierce College a student is unable to purchase a parking pass if they have a hold on their account for any reason or have not paid for their current class load.

The idea seems to be that, parking passes are a privilege that can be taken away. Pierce College has no way of revoking that privilege from motorcycle riders.

If motorcycles do not have to pay for parking, what if all Pierce College students organized and all rode motorcycles for a semester? How long would it take the administration to change that policy?

At nearby Moorpark College, motorcycles had to pay for parking. Motorcycle riders were able to pay a lower rate, instead of say $52 for a car, they were able to pay $35.

Motorcycle riders were also restricted to motorcycle sized spots in a section of one parking lot near the campus and spots in the overflow parking.

Motorcycles do take up less space with regards to parking, but they still take up space, and with the lack of spaces currently available, that’s money that Pierce could use to help solve the parking space issue, or lower costs of parking all around.

Motorcycles paying for parking will not solve the parking spot scarcity on campus, but it is something, maybe it could help lower costs for overall parking cost

Daily parking for motorcycles can be a bit tricky, since the day parking pass can be blown away by the wind, or simply stolen by a student looking for free parking.

Motorcycles riders have a clear advantage on the parking front, from priority spots close to the front of campus. Adding in the fact that motorcycle riders get free parking is simply ludicrous.