Transfer Day draws big crowd

Pierce students had the opportunity to meet with many universities as they look to further achieve their dreams. Transfer Day was hosted as many representatives answered questions from students transferring after Pierce.

Sunday Salter, director of the Transfer Center expressed her excitement on the fair, and her expectation for each student that attended the fair.

“To expose students to different universities that they may not have considered before, and also to ask questions directly to the universities.” Salter said. “How to transfer? How to get financial aid and scholarships? All those things.”

“There is a lot of requirements that vary by campus. Each university has different things they are looking for. So that’s why it’s good for students to talk directly to the campuses.”

“Students should meet with a counselor to create an education plan. If it’s a public school what they are looking for is 60 transferrable units. Private schools are taking a little less, and usually they have specific courses that they want students to take, and it’s different for each campus.”

Jane Gallegos is an Assistant to Associate Dean at CSUN. Her branch is Business and Economics. Gallegos talks about CSUN and what students who want to major in business need to transfer.

“You need to have all the requirements, and also depending on the program you’re in.” Gallegos said. “We are impacted. We are trying to lower our admissions, but we are still looking for students who are interested.”

Veronica Jo representing UCLA at the fair shared requirements for those transferring or considering to transfer.

“You need your academics of course. That’s what we mainly are going to look at. Second is everything you put in our application. It’s going to help us know more about you,” Jo said. “Personal Statements are 1,000 words. There are two essay prompts. You can choose to do 700 and 300 or 500 each.”

Kyle Beasley works with the Office of Admission at USC. Beasley talks about what transfers or future transfers need to go to USC.

“We have two minimum requirements. A year of English Composition, and a math requirement which varies on what you are studying in. Across the board the minimum is Algebra 2 or Intermediate Algebra,” Beasley said. “We don’t have a minimum GPA. We have an average GPA of 3.7. We really embrace that we do students that and students below.”

Child Development major Hayely Carter was pleased in getting her questions answered at the transfer fair.

“So far it’s going well. I like CSUN and San Francisco. The CSUN Child Development Department is attached to ours so that’s really helpful, and there a lot of chances to get in,” Carter. “I like their abroad program. They have an abroad program for anyone who wants to do child development.”

Art major Max Merlos is convinced of two schools that he would consider transferring too.

“CSUN and OTUS. In the future I would like to go to CSUN. I like their art program, and probably if I go I’ll see more. OTUS focuses more on art. It has 75 different types of arts,” Merlos said. “I’m interested in 2D or graphic design. I didn’t expect to come but it’s good to see different schools.”