Cramming for finals – don’t

Finals is a word that most students don’t like to hear. Most tend to stress out about finals, many tend to cram all the info in their heads.

Cramming is not the smartest move to make. Especially during finals week.

Your head won’t absorb all the information just because you build a library on the table. Just imagine you’re trying to cram weeks of work into your brain.

Especially don’t study one hour before the exam. The information won’t stick with you, and all you did was stress yourself out.

Students should always prepare before the final exam. Instructors usually say what the final is going to be based on.

When students cram during finals they tend to make excuses. Some of those excuses can include, “The lectures didn’t prepare me for the exam.” This is one of many excuses students can come up with. Especially if they didn’t do well.

There are many ways you can prevent from cramming during finals.

Don’t do last minute cramming. You’ll just waste your time doing that. If you didn’t know what was going to be on the exam before, you won’t know come crunch time.

The way to prevent this is to study beforehand, and on the night before review your notes. Also on the night before get a good night’s rest. It will totally help you for your exam. By doing this you will be more prepared and do well on the test.

A big solution to prevent you from cramming is to study in groups. Distribute the learning amongst your peers. Also study in intervals. You don’t have to put all the info in your head in just one try. Also making the best of your time counts as well. There is a saying that has been said so many times. “Use your time wisely.”

Students must plan accordingly. Preparing before the exam can help you do better on the test, and most importantly pass the class.

If you cram you could do poorly on the test and not pass the class.

Cramming is something no student should have to do. If students take time and effort to the subject there is no need to stick 33 chapters in one night. Cramming can also lead you to have stress. Stress is something no one wants to have.

If you know your stress levels are affecting you then there are lots of different steps you can take to improve them. Whether you just take up a hobby in your free time or take more extreme steps like buying cannabis to destress, that’s fine. Just make sure you know how to purchase and use it legally. If you want more information on things like how to rehydrate cannabis, take a look on GetMyster.

Also try to stay away from social media. Social media won’t help you when you take your exam. Social media can be a distraction, and won’t let you focus on the class you totally have to pass.

Cramming for finals can be very painful. As a student one should always do well especially when it comes to big tests like this.

Cramming is really a not good feeling, so try not to experience it.