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Wifi issues still effect the campus at large


Finding WIFI on campus is frustrating. Just when you think you are connected, you go to use the internet and are greeted with a white screen as the connection slows your phone to a crawl.

If you are walking and using your phone and run into a blind spot on campus, your internet will suddenly give out.

The reality on campus is that many are working while being a student. In the world of email in phones, some companies feel that employees are never really off the clock.

At any time during the day, an email can be sent to the employee with a near immediate response expected.

WIFI on campus may seem like a distraction in the classroom, but it can be a huge bonus.

Distractions in the classroom will continue to exist without the availability of

In a debate class, WIFI can be used to scrounge up useful information for both sides to use.

In a history class, a teacher can use information on the web to enrich the classroom.

As the campus pushes for more smart classrooms, where the internet and the classroom are merged, yet WIFI connectivity remains an issue for Pierce College.

Pierce College is pushing themselves into the modern age, yet consistent WIFI remains elusive.

Now setting up WIFI on a campus of Pierce’s size is very different than setting up household WIFI. But if Pierce wants to contend with California State University, Northridge, the local four-year college getting stronger WIFI is a key to being competitive.

Today’s world is driven by the phone, smartphones can keep us connected with loved ones across the globe.

Email between professors and students on campus can be a huge asset. When a professor cancels class, it takes almost 40 minutes for a student to be notified via email, in some parts of campus.

When my history class was cancelled by my teacher, we had sat in class for almost 30 minutes when one of the students found an email sent nearly an hour before class started that day.

This room had no cell phone reception and no WIFI, it is located in the back of a building and neatly isolated from campus. What if the school had caught fire or a person was on campus with a weapon?

In that situation wasted time is also an issue, I could have used that time to study for a midterm I had upcoming or worked on a project for a different class.

The WIFI situation at Pierce College is laughable, and best avoided to ease student and faculty frustrations.