Pro: Professors canceling class

Students are lined up ready to go inside. They are so determined to continue their education. However, a piece of paper is posted saying class is cancelled.

Imagine waking up early and finding out that there is no class. You’d probably say “I got up for nothing. I could’ve be slept in.”

Actually there are many pros when professors decide not to show up.

If you have another class, you could go to the library and prepare for your next class. Especially if you have a test. This will give you more time to study.

Imagine the relief you might feel if you didn’t do your homework. It will give more time to do your homework and turn it in next class meeting.

Now you might be saying, “I paid for that class.” “The professor is not respecting us.”

We should look at it from another perspective. Professors could be sick, had an appointment, or had a personal emergency.

Instead of attacking the professor we should put ourselves in their position.

Professors really don’t want to cancel class. However, emergencies do happen.

Many professors could have a family member that could be ill or in the hospital. It’s more than understandable.

Professors have responsibilities. They are aware that the student is important. However, things come up out of nowhere.

Also when professors cancel class it opens opportunities for students to catch up on what they need to do.

Just because professors cancel class it doesn’t mean that the world is going to end or anything. There are many more things that students can do.

Some go to tutoring to receive help on a class they are not doing well in. Even some go just to do homework, and get help from the tutors that are there.

You can take advantage while some just go home and don’t take advantage at all.

There are many pros when professors can’t make it. Some people need to see things in a different perspective.