Con: Professors canceling class

As students at Pierce, we are at the higher education level where it is imperative to gain all the fundamentals and knowledge of the courses we are taking. Unlike high school, every time we step into our college classes we are gaining valuable knowledge for our future.

A professor who cancels their class period only prohibits students from making the most out of their expensive college experience.

Each year student’s pay hundreds of dollars in tuition and in books in order to achieve one goal: success.

Student’s are not forced to attend class, like they were in their earlier years, no, they are here to learn.

If students are paying an immense amount of money for classes, shouldn’t the person who is actually getting paid for teaching those classes attend? It seems like every time we miss a class we are wasting money and time.

They are here to learn and to better themselves and when a professor cancels their class they are taking away from a student’s opportunity to have a better future.

There are only 16 weeks in a semester, including finals. Most professors have already laid out the dates for tests, assignments, homework, etc. If the professor is teaching according to schedule and they cancel a class then the student is missing out on an opportunity to learn and review for a test.

They miss a whole day of lecture and notes that cannot easily be made up. The professor may attempt to ‘catch-up’ on the missed notes during the next class, but ultimately it is extremely difficult to incorporate two class periods of notes into one class.

In several instances, I have had professors who cancel classes and fail to catch up on their lectures before the test. I was left in a daze of confusion reading questions from the test that we had never discussed because of the missed class.

When they cancel a class it only makes it much more difficult to learn, especially those once a week classes where one day missed can be the difference between an ‘A’ or a ‘C’ on a test.

It is unfair for the students to fall behind the class just because of their professors inability to do their job.

The fact of the matter is, when they cancel a class it not only wastes money, but wastes the opportunity of learning and getting a good grade.

I understand that most people are taking general education classes that are irrelevant to their major and do not feel it is always necessary to attend every class.

They will celebrate when their class is cancelled, but ultimately every time a class is missed someone falls behind.

It is even worse if the professor falls behind because we need the best guidance we can get at this stage of our lives.

I would not want my professor hastily rushing through lectures in order to get caught up.