Class crashers struggle for spots

Students filled the Admissions and Records office this week to turn in their add slips, signifying the beginning of another semester at Pierce.

Those who did not pre-register for their classes often find themselves walking from class to class, hoping professors will still have space available to accept students who are not enrolled.

“I was able to add it using a ‘yearbook’ as identification,” said Nathaniel Abbene, a third year student who was able to crash a public speaking class. “All you need is find a picture then that’s it.”

There were only 15 students who tried to add the public speaking class, according to Abbene, but other courses can be far more competitive to add. Hellen Linares, a second year nursing major, experienced this while adding a physiology class.

“It was hard because there were about 50 students who were trying to crash the class,” Linares said. “I was so happy when they called my name for the lottery.”

The most common way professors pick which students get to add the class is by lottery. Other professors simply operate on a first-come first-serve basis. Method is subject to the professor’s discretion.

Students who want to add a class they were not enrolled in have no choice but to wait in order to process their add slips. The long wait times do not please some students.

Second year student and Chemistry major Roxanna Rapoport knows first-hand.

“The lines are long and it’s really tedious,” Rapoport said.

The last day to turn in the add slips is on February 20, 2016. The last day to drop the class without a “W” is on February 21, 2016. The last day to drop a class with a “W” is on May 8, 2016.

For the list of open classes still available, off-campus classes, PACE classes, weekend and/or short term classes, visit the school website

For any questions or concerns, contact the Admissions and Records (818) 719-6404.