Swim team has a strong performance at Valley College

Pierce College was the only team to show up to the swim meet at Los Angeles Valley College on Feb. 27.

Alyssa Meza, first year student at Pierce, was the only one of the competitors who showed up at the swim match amongst the Pierce, Valley College, Cuesta College, and Ventura College.

“We were supposed to compete with Valley, Cuesta, and Ventura but I guess you can say we’re the only one prepared,” diving coach Ryan Anderson said. “Pierce College is the only one who showed up.”

According to Anderson, there were supposed to be two divers from Pierce but the other diver took the year off for training.

Despite the absence of the competitors, Meza still performed her diving skills to prove her win. Her family was there to support her and her Coach Anderson was there to guide her throughout the competition.

“She usually trains or she’ll stretch at home for a couple of hours,” Alyssa Meza’s sister Starlet Meza said. “She’s been in a lot of competitions. I personally don’t really know how many competitions she has won.”

This is Alyssa Meza’s first competition after her three months of training with Anderson. She said that she practices from one to two hours every day.

“A lot of training on and off the board. Definitely a lot of body conditioning. I have to eat right, just like any other sports. I do a lot of stretching to get to different positions. Definitely a lot of arm and ab workouts too,” Alyssa said.

Anderson encourages any interested students to join the team.

“If anyone wants to come by, we are also open to anyone who is interested in becoming part of the team. No experience required,” Anderson said.

He added that the Pierce dive team is a great team that has won many state championships. He is a state champion himself.

He is encouraging anyone who is interested to stop by and check out their practices at Pierce every Monday and Wednesday 8-9:30 a.m., and Tuesday and Thursday 10a.m.– 12p.m.