Santa Monica comes to Pierce for a win

Pierce College was dealt a loss to Long Beach City College where the Brahmas lost three sets to one.

Charles Belvin, sophomore outside hitter from Long Beach, hit the ball with a spike and Isaiah Williams, sophomore setter from Pierce missed it. It marked the win for the Vikings.

A player from each team got injured during the sets. One of them is Gary Trejo from Long Beach who got hit on his chest.

Long Beach finished and won the first set that they ended with 25-18.

On the second set, Brahmas were able to catch up with the Vikings and finished the set strong at the score of 25-16. The Brahmas showed great defense and blocking against the Vikings.

Pierce College started out strong but then Long Beach rallied from behind and they finished the third set with a close match with 21-25. Long Beach wins.

The fourth set ended with a score of 19-25, making Long Beach the winners. It was Long Beach’s ninth win of the season.

“I feel pretty good,” Williams said. “As for my teammates, we played fluidly towards the end we had high energy. It’s just that when it got to later in the game, energy start to die out.”

This is Pierce College’s fourth loss in a row. This is also their sixth loss out of the seven games they played this semester.

“It’s a great match, I’m happy about this match. We fought and we played hard,” said Lance Walker, the head coach of the men’s volleyball team at Pierce.

“We play an imperfect game and sometimes we’re going to be on the good side, but sometimes we’re not going to be on the good side,” Lance added.

On the other hand, Cesar Renteria, 20, from Long Beach thinks that his team did not do well this match.

“I just feel that our defense could have been better. Our blocking wasn’t there the whole time, but we’ll work on it,” Renteria said.

Regardless of the loss of the team, Walker still stays positive about the situation.

“The good thing about us is that we’re a great team, and I mean we’re a great team in the sense that the team is very supportive, the guys are like they’re all kinds of brothers. I’m the same goal and I’m very proud of these guys,” Walker said.

The men’s volleyball team is preparing for their game against Santa Monica. According to Walker, playing against Santa Monica is one of the team’s major games this semester.