Pierce softball watches Condors soar off with the win

Pierce’s Women’s softball had no answer for the Oxnard College Condors’ hitters during the team’s 7th loss of the season (1-7).

After keeping it close in the 4th inning (5-4) the Condors used a 7-0 run in the 5th and 6th inning to close the game at 12-4.

“I think nerves got the best of the girls with it being the conference opener,” Moore said. “They just need to settle down…we were right there in that game.”

During the top of the third inning, Condors would gain an earned run when freshman second baseman Airin Lara hit the ball to get to second base. The catcher, freshman Dominique Aranda would go on to bat and get an out, but the play would help Lara get to home plate to get the Brahmas down early 5-1.

Second baseman and outfielder, freshman Jeanette Ontiveros would hit a ball sending it far and getting outfielder, freshman Jocelyn Burgara and Tyler Cano to home ending the fourth inning with a score of 5-4.

Brahmas third baseman, Tyler Cano, led the Brahmas with two runs and two hits. Second baseman, Jeanette Ontiveros, had two RBIs.

The Condors were able to hit the ball with regularity. Coach Prieto told his team to focus on one specific area.

“We told the girls to make good contact. That’s all we wanted for them, to make good contact. Wherever the ball goes that’s where it’s going to go. The ball bounced our way a lot and that helped us win the game,” Prieto said.

Prieto also said that Pierce played a good game giving credit to the pitcher, freshmen Madison Tupper.

“It was pretty tight and Pierce hung in there for a while. [Pierce] played a real good game. I’ve got to give credit to their pitcher she hung in there and she tried really hard,” Prieto said.

Tupper said that going into the game she felt really good and was confident on her pitching. Tupper also mentioned that they need to practice a little more due to the team making a few throwing errors. When asked what the team should work on she said she had no comment.

“I don’t have a comment on that because that’s up to my coach,” Tupper said.

On Tupper’s performance Moore was proud on the hard work she had done and that Tupper will be the key player for the team this year.

“I think she battled and she help up very well and she’s got a lot of learning to do but I like how she’s progressing. Tupper is going to be our work course this year and we’re going to live and die with her,” Moore said.

Moore said as a team, they just need a little confidence so they are able to win a game.

“Confidence and we need to believe in ourselves and trust ourselves and we’ll be fine,” Moore said.

The softball team’s next home game will be a double header against Santa Barbara Community College on Tuesday, March 15 with the first game starting at 1 p.m. and the other at 3 p.m.