Brahmas lose to Oxnard

On a windy afternoon, the Oxnard Condors took flight defeating the Brahma Bulls on the baseball field with a score of 5-12 after applying a massive amount of pressure during the second inning of the game.

Pierce’s baseball team played a home game versus Oxnard College on March 31 from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The game began slow at first with the Condors scoring the first point of the match. The second inning was a decisive point for both teams as the Condors scored eight consecutive points.

“We’ve always had issues with them,” Head Coach Bills Pickets said. “My starting pitcher and my first reliever weren’t executing pitches and it made it kind of easy for them offensively but I was happy with the way we battled back. I’m proud of the guys for the way they competed.”

The bottom of the second and the Brahmas were determined to gain points back. They were able to put players on third base however they failed to finish.

Although, the Brahma Bulls were behind they did not let the pressure get to them. They managed to hold off the Condors with their defense through the third and fourth innings yet the Condors managed to get in another homerun with outfielder Andres Morales.

First baseman, Alexander Devito, standing at 6’ dealt the Condors a quick blow scoring a homerun for the Brahmas and getting Eric Medellin, jersey No. 29, across the home plate as well.

“They’re a scrappy team and they can hit it,” Oxnard Coach Jon Larson said. “They hit balls well. It’s always going to be hard game when we play Pierce.”

Both teams took one point for their teams during the 5th inning. Catcher and outfielder Tyler Waid crossed home with help from first baseman Codi Santana while Brahma infielder Jordan Abushahla set himself up with a strong hit down left field and having Micah Ortiz, no. 42, getting him home.

The top of the sixth for the Condors was shut down by the Brahmas’ horns and a chance for a turning point for the Brahmas.

“Yeah, they are a well hitting team,” Larson said. “They are a solid hitting team. By no means was that game out of reach because they can swing it.”

The Brahmas scored three points and their players had set themselves in a strong position to score more but were unable to get the big hit they needed.

The remaining of the innings were quick to finish with both teams holding their defense to prevent each other from scoring points.

“We’ll we scored some runs,” Daniella Ortiz, mother of Micah Ortiz said. “First game we’ve scored runs in a couple of games so that was encouraging.”

The Brahmas will be facing Oxnard College at an away game on Apr. 2 starting at 1 p.m.

“Well hopefully, we can carry out the offensive,” Pickets said. “We scored some runs later in the game. Hopefully, we can go into the next game and not wait so long. I saw some good pitching later in the game and hopefully we carry that out in our next game Saturday.”