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Bulldogs chomp on Brahmas


The Pierce softball team lost to the Hancock Bulldogs due to 24 runns scored by the Bulldogs.

On April 14 the lady bulls played Allan Hancock College on the softball field from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The game lasted five innings but within that time the Bulldogs finished strong defeating the Brahmas 24-2.

“This year’s been a little tough for us because we’ve had huge amount of injuries and people drop out,” Moore said. “So, we added the players that we could when we did and I’m very proud of them. They’ll learning.”

The first inning set the tone for the remainder of the match with the Bulldogs chanting and taunting the Brahmas and scoring the first point. The Brahmas were unable to return the same volume as the their opponent.

“They are a really good team,” Head Coach Moore said. “They are a strong team and they do what they want. But what I want my girls to do is to start to communicate and get a little bit looser. All I can do is tell them to learn from these things and to improve from them.”

In the top of the second inning the Bulldogs managed to get all three bases loaded. Utility player
Schuyler Gooley, jersey No. 22, brought her teammates home. They were able to score a total of 11 points.

“Hitting is contagious and unfortunately fortunately so can walks be for the defensive or errors in the defensive,” Head Coach Scia Maumausolo said. “Hits for us came at a timely manner which put us in a position to score which we did. We were able to break it open a little bit and get into a comfortable lead.”

When it came back to the Brahmas, outfielder Jocelyn Burgara took first base and stole second which encouraged her teammates. Jersey No. 11, Britany Perez hit a solid ball down left field getting Burgara to home.

“I was proud of my hit and some of my other teammates actually had pretty good hits too,” third baseman Perez said.

The game continued with the Brahmas playing catch up and doing their best to prevent the Bulldogs from scoring more points. However, throughout the third and fourth innings Hancock was pressuring hard and got in a few more points.

During the fifth inning Hancock once again set their team in a strong position. They were able to score 9 more points. The Brahmas switched out their regular pitcher, Madison Tupper because of this week’s heavy amount of games.

“Staying focused in challenging moments,” Maumausolo said. “The pace of the game was really tough at times in terms of being able to focus through multiple changes, substitutes, delays so that can definitely be a challenge to a young group like mine.”

The Brahma softball team is composed of freshman so as the season comes closer to an end they hope to learn as much as possible to improve.

“I personally want all of us to work on our fielding because a lot of us are playing new positions so I feel that we need to work on that mostly,” Perez said. “We need to be able to talk like our Coach says. We need to communicate so we know we’re going so we can make better plays and decisions.”