The three amigos

The three amigos

Three Little League teammates and high school city champions come together for possibly their last chance to play baseball on the same team together at Pierce.

With over 10 years of playing together, these three childhood friends, Edgar Vela, Trevor Dergazarian and Deion Fernando, hope to replicate their winning chemistry to the Brahmas.

They have known each other since they were about seven-years-old. Over the years the boys began to form a sibling-like bond.

“These guys are like my brothers. When we play together, something just clicks,” Vela, who plays infield said. “We know how to react to one another, how to hype each other up and calm each other down.”

In high school, the trio won the city championship during their senior year at El Camino Real Charter High School.

“It was a great experience getting to win that championship with two of my best friends, it’s one of the best feelings ever,” Dergazarian, who plays outfield said.

Assistant coach, Eric Bloom said that the three boys have already brought something to the baseball team.

“All three of them have been a factor in this year’s team,” Bloom said.

Vela was the first to join the Brahmas baseball team.

“I sort of convinced both my friends Deion and Trevor to play here with me because I believe us three brings something great to any team,” Vela said.

Fernando, who plays outfield, is now in the starting rotation.

“He can play a lot of positions, he has been doing really great,” Bloom said.

For Trevor, he decided last year to leave Vanguard University and play with his former teammates at Pierce.

“I called up Deion [Fernando] and Edgar [Vela] and asked them how the team was. I already had a couple of junior colleges in mind, but they both persuaded me to come to Pierce and it’s been a great time,” Dergazarian said

Dergazarian has been a pleasant surprise for the Brahmas. He continues to impress the coaches.

“Trevor [Dergazarian] has been a surprise for us, we didn’t know much about him coming in. All we knew was he had a little bit of speed,” Bloom said. “He’s been amazing to watch.”

With the team struggling this season, the team hopes that the freshmen could lead Pierce back to their winning ways next season.

“The three boys bring a lot to our team. They definitely know when to have fun and when to get down to work,” Bloom said.