Cougars beat Brahmas

Baseball took a loss 12-1 against the Cuesta College Cougars on Thursday, April 28.

This is the Brahmas’ second loss against the Cougars this season.

“We gave [Cuesta] some extra outs and missed some plays in the outfield. We are not good enough yet where we can make mistakes, and give teams extra outs. That’s what we did and they took advantage of it unfortunately,” Head Coach Bill Picketts said.

The Cougars began to take the lead at the top of the third inning.

According to Cuesta College’s Head Coach, Bob Miller, the Cougars came in with a game plan that focused on the team’s strengths, and that’s what helped them take the win.

“We had a really good pitching performance. It was great to build off of that. We were able to capitalize and not leave runners on base. So that was good,” Miller said. “The other thing I’m proud of is that there was no errors on the board for us. To play error free baseball is a good thing.”

Brahmas catcher, Tyler Eastman, believes that the loss was due to lack of focus.

“The first few innings were good, we were pitching well. We then had a tough inning where there were a couple of errors, and [Cuesta] capitalized from that,” Eastman said. “If we could have minimized the errors, I think it could have been a different game. We hit well, our pitching was good, but we just kept making errors. That definitely hurt us.”

With only one game left for the Brahmas, Picketts hopes to have the team improve and come back stronger next season.

“We’re out recruiting. We had a lot of young guys this year. Freshman that will be returning hopefully are learning from their mistakes. When they do come back they’re going to end up being better players because of it,” Picketts said.

He also said, “I’m excited about the guys that are coming back. They got some experience this year, and hopefully some of the guys that we recruited bring in some excitement. I’m happy with the way the guys came about this season. We just came up on the short end a lot of times.”