Pro: Larger class sizes beneficial to students

Larger class sizes can be very beneficial to students by allowing them to take classes to complete their credits that are needed to transfer or finish a program they are trying to receive a certificate for.

However, there are always two sides to a coin. Students and faculty alike might complain about the class sizes being larger isn’t a good thing because of time allotted for both sides.

Faculty will argue that it won’t be good for them because they might have to take extra time from the lesson to explain a problem or that lesson into deeper detail, thus making it more difficult to reach their goal at the end of the semester.

Students will argue that if there is a larger class size they won’t have enough one-on-one time with their professor to better understand the subject, because the instructor might feel rushed to complete their agenda.

The colleges only allow a certain amount of students to enter a class. Why? What about the student who needs a particular class to end their final semester and move forward? Not everyone is able to have the same registration date to apply for classes.

If a class is filled up before a student can register they are regulated to try and crash a course in hopes of being accepted. This would be less likely to happen if the schools would just open up more space. Instead of only allowing 25-30 students in a class they can allow 40-50 in.

Yes, there might be people still trying to crash a course in the beginning of the semester, but it will be less because those students who need a certain class will already be registered and be able to move forward. Opening up space just gives people more of an opportunity to take a class that’s on their agenda.

For the students who are concerned about having one-on-one time with their professor you will still be able to receive it, but just less time will be given to you. There are many ways to understand a subject without asking the same question 10-15 times before you are able to understand it. There are study groups, books, and tutors on and off campus to help.

Yes, everyone learns at a different pace, but everyone also needs courses to complete. Others shouldn’t have to be held back a semester because they were unable to enter a class because you feel you need more attention.

Ultimately, it is really the college’s decision to expand the class sizes. It will benefit the schools as well if they decide to do that. How will it benefit them? It will benefit them financially. In the end it’s about money. The more students the schools allow to register and allow in the class the more money it is for them.