Pro: Pierce should have furlough days

Some students and professors spend the majority of their day at school. Week in and week out, the routine stays the same and for those who may work. The weekend does not seem like enough time off. I believe we should have furlough days at school, because it gives students and professors an extra day off to finish their work ,or to take their mind off the stress that comes with it.

Professors may not like the idea of a furlough day, because that means it is a day that it is a day off without pay, unlike holidays. The school staff may oppose furlough days, especially when they do not necessarily ask for them, but in the end it can be seen as a greater cause to benefit the school’s budget. With having a few furlough days throughout the semester, the money that will be saved can help balance out the school’s budget, and benefit other projects or necessities.

Professors may not like the sound of having a pay cut, but furlough days can be used to do whatever one wants to do with that spare time. According to an article written by, there have been professors all over the country that used those days to do volunteer work, or worked on side projects that interested them. For example, Erin Kowalick is a teacher in Kihei, Hawaii, who used her 17 scheduled furlough days to volunteer to teach dance to the local children. Using that sting of having an unpaid work day can eventually be turned into something positive for professors.

I also believe that we should have furlough days because they can also be used for professors to use those days off to assign extra credit to their students. Since its a free day, students can use that extra time to catch up on assignments they may have missed to raise their grade. For students, furlough days sound like a breeze, because it gives us a 24 hour vacation and for those who take over twelve units can sure use one.

Students can also use these extra days off to pick up extra shifts at work, especially the students who are living on their own and have between balance work and school. The life of a stressed out college student is anything but joyful. Furlough days can help students forget about the stress for a day, and can also put their energy into volunteering or dedicating more time into his/her hobbies.

I believe our school should have furlough days because ultimately they would be used to relieve stress for both students and professors, and they would also help benefit the school in the long run. We all have the same amount of time in a day, furlough days would give us a chance to use it wisely and effectively.