Con: Ads do not belong on campus

Pierce College should not allow Ads on campus because it’s pointless to let vendors advertise their product when it’s just going to distract the students from their work. It will affect the student’s learning and make them not care for their work.

We have seen enough ads here and there. What’s the point of shoving more of them up in schools? Students have seen enough ads through watching television, playing games or just scrolling down their Google search results. Just the thought of dealing with ads on school grounds is ridiculous enough.

Some students are trying to save up cash for personal reasons, not waste it on persuasive ads they’ve seen while walking out a restroom stall to wash their hands. They’re already trying hard enough to prevent their own impulses to buying useless junk. Besides, why make them go through their own wallet and see how much cash they’ve got on them when they should be focusing more on school?

Advertising works, that is why companies do it. The ideology of education and the ideology of advertising are polar opposite. Education is about enlightening a person so can become critical and creative thinkers.

Advertising is a deliberate manipulation to promote a product. In this day and age, we cannot hide from advertising but we can certainly create environments to encourage them to learn. Those who say yes to advertising in schools must have a limit to how much advertising at least? Where does it end? Do we have ExxonMobil writing the science program? McDonald’s creating the the nutritional education?

Ads may contain inappropriate messages. This could lead to children buying stuff that is not for them. This could lead to bad habits. This could cause students to not only not be successful, but also won’t let them have a sufficient job. If there aren’t ads in schools, then it would not cause a distraction towards their education.

Ads are pointless distractions. Advertisements  are things that people just want to skip and want to get rid of. If schools were to have ads, they would become a distraction really quickly. Don’t bring ads to schools so the students can gain focus and concentration. They are just horrible and annoying.