Con: Students are not janitors

I don’t believe there should be a cleanup day on campus because students do not attend school to clean it. There are many things wrong with having a mandatory cleanup day on campus. One of them being, as students we are here to learn and get an education. I believe there is a simple solution to a dirty campus. That solution is for students to pick up after themselves.

We want our campus to be attractive and clean, right?  When rival schools come to compete against us, we don’t want them going home criticizing us because of our campus.  We want to keep our campus clean to show that we’re not slobs and are educated enough to pick up our own garbage.

Nobody would like it if people stopped picking up trash and let our school become filled with trash. It is very important to keep our school clean to provide an appropriate learning environment.

It would be a good idea to clean up our environment, maybe if there were more trash cans you could make our school cleaner. Even if everybody picked up one thing, our school would not be 3/4 clean that’s how bad our mess has gotten. Who wants to attend a school that’s now for the trash, ants and roaches. No one does, and that’s why we should clean our school and our great reward in the end will be a clean, safe and healthy environment.

There are many things the college can do to reduce waste on campus other than having a campus cleanup day. We could have more trash cans and recycle bins around the campus, especially near the food trucks, student store and the café.

In conclusion, picking up any trash around school will be beneficial to everybody, but we do not need to have a campuswide day to do so. If you see a piece of a paper blowing around, stop it with your foot and throw it away.  There’s no reason why our campus needs to be anything other than attractive.  With everyone’s help, this campus can be a beautiful place to go to school everyday.