Pro: Students should be more responsible for campus cleanliness

It’s a good feeling when you clean your room. You appreciate it and it doesn’t feel weird when you have friends and family visit. Coming to Pierce should feel the same way.

Pierce is a home away from home and should be treated the same. When the campus looks good so does its reputation. It’s a good feeling that someone will have inside of them when it come to noticing our campus looks so nice.

With a large campus, keeping it clean isn’t exactly a task that can be done with a small custodial staff against more than 20,000 students. Not all students pick up the trash that they drop, and it makes the school look messy when students aren’t taking good care of it. I will plead guilty myself for dropping trash on the floor but I will usually pick it after noticing.

A clean up day being put in place is like saying thank you to the faculty who work vigorously to keep the campus clean everyday. Campus clean up day would show that we do care.

It should be a day that students are available. Obviously Sunday would be the best day for students to take time off life and give back to the school.

Cleaning up the campus isn’t the only job that students and volunteers can do. There are parts of campus that needs to be repainted with fresh coats. Plants that need to be trimmed or more plants can be planted where it looks barren. Rooms that need to be vacuumed or courts that need to be clean. I care about this school’s appearance and every student should.

Even after clean up day is done, we can still do our part to keep the school clean. Just clean up after yourself and help keep the campus clean.

Volunteering to help clean up, also looks good on a resume. In a LinkedIn survey found that 41 percent of hiring managers will consider volunteer service as equal as a paid job. Volunteer service will look a better on resume without any work experience than a resume with no volunteer service or work experience.

Custodians should be taking most of the credit for keeping the college the way it looks but there is just too many rooms, bathrooms, walkways, hallways and parking lots to keep clean at different hours of day. This is not including accidents that will require a cleanup.

When it comes to games, there are usually an audience who goes and watches the game and sometimes this crowd will leave a mess. Custodians will come in and clean up. We’re human, we can be messy but when it comes to clean, we have the capability to tidy up.

Pierce having a clean up day is good idea for when visitors come. They won’t walk away because of the trash.