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Event review: Was Farmwalk a success?



Pierce College students, faculty members, staff, children, aspiring students and many more filled the Rocky Young Park on April 17, 2016 for the Farm Walk. Wearing red Pierce College shirts, the staff, faculty, and students assisted everyone who came to the event.

During Farm Walk, there were booths for the offices and services offered at Pierce such as counseling and help with your financial aid, and, most importantly, the open farm, where visitors can actually go into the farm and have an encounter with our farm animals here on campus. There was a lot to explore, many people to meet and new experiences to gain.

Beginning from the entrance down The Mall by the Parking Lot 7, the Associated Students Organization (ASO) officials and volunteers assisting everyone who comes in giving them passports where visitors can collect stamps from each booth.

Each booth had their own means of attracting people. Alpha Gamma Sigma sold snow cones, while the Anthropology club exhibited different bones. The cheerleaders decorated cupcakes, while some of them were performing at the mall and walking around the Rocky Young Park, chanting their cheers.

There was also counseling for current and future students who are need of one to make sure that they are on track. The Financial Aid Office also had their booth set up answering questions about FAFSA and Cal Grants. Some of the Pierce volunteers also worked in food service,  providing comfort to all.

Meanwhile, there was jazz band that kept the party upbeat.

If you walk up to the farm, the unpleasant smell will welcome you. The smell of farm animals such as chickens, horses, cows, and goats combined with the heavy heat of the sun might not be appealing together with the noises coming from the children as they squeal and express their excitement.

Cows and baby goats or kids who were a couple weeks old can be petted. There was also a viewing for the polish chickens at the farm and horse shows and pony rides available to everyone present at the event.

With the help of the faculty, staff, and student who volunteered to be at the event and also the support of the people who attended, Pierce College Farm Walk was such a success.