Two-car traffic collision on Winnetka ave, Paramedics called

A white Ford truck and Volkswagen Beetle collided on Winnetka Ave and Brahma Drive, at the entrance of Pierce College on Monday, June 6 around 11:30 a.m.

A Pierce College student, driving the Volkswagen, was turning West inside campus and the woman driving the Ford truck was driving South on Winnetka when they collided.

The husband of the women drove to the scene after receiving a call from his wife. The man declined to release any names.

The woman driving the Ford 150 truck had two children inside, one of which was taken by paramedics to the Providence Tarzana Medical Center, in Tarzana California.

The Los Angeles Police Department was investigating the scene.

“The way the Los Angeles Fire Department Search and Rescue Ambulance works is they ask the victim, ‘do you want to be transported to a hospital for medical care?’, if you say “yes” their policy requires them to do so,” Police said, “Especially because the little boy is minor.”

“He [the child] is physically fine, the parents decided to have the child transported as a precautionary measure,” According to police on the scene.

The student was driving to campus to purchase textbooks for her summer class.

“I was coming down Winnetka and I was turning into Pierce,” Student said, “I’m taking a summer class and I just came to get my books.”

“While I was in the middle to turn left, the lady in the truck drove right into me,” Student said, “She didn’t even slow down.”

The child’s father was waiting for the Paramedics to take his son to the hospital.

“He’s fine, they’re just taking him for evaluation,” the father said.