Artistic professors lead by example

Soft jazz music played in the background as an orange sunset glowed onto the art garden, framing the crowd of more than 100 people that showed in less than 30 minutes for the Faculty Exhibit reception.

The opening reception of the fall Faculty Exhibition in the art gallery, located directly across the 3300 Fine Arts building, drew in many students, faculty members and administrators on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 6 p.m.  The art ranged from ceramic teapots and oil paintings to chalk drawings and sculptures.

“It’s awesome to see everyone walk around and have so much energy. It’s a great crowd,” graphic design instructor Richard Kamimura said.

Kamimura has four art pieces displayed at the exhibit, three of which belong to a bigger series called “The Lady Valkyrie Series.”

Kamimura is one of thirteen faculty members whose art is on display.

Pierce College President Kathleen Burke was at the opening reception and said she couldn’t pick a favorite work of art because she liked that all the pieces displayed different forms of expression.

“I think it’s great, really, to allow the students to see their instructors’ or professors’ work,” Burke said.

Art Gallery Director and Professor of Arts Monica Ramirez Wee said that there was no theme for the exhibit, so the art pieces varied in concepts. Ramirez Wee also had some of her art displayed in the exhibit.

“I think the great thing about the show is that it reflects the diversity of our department, both who we are and what we do for our work,” Ramirez Wee said.

Many students were walking around the art gallery with a notebook and pen, asking the artists questions about the work they had on display.

First-year Pierce student Ary’l Burgoyne went to the gallery and asked the artists questions about the meaning of their art pieces on display.

“A lot of people are here. It’s very lively and everyone’s really interested in the art so it’s a really cool experience,” Burgoyne said.

The art garden was bordered with several tables of food and refreshments. Attendees socialized in this space before and after they looked at the art in the gallery.

According to the Pierce College website, the exhibit will run until Oct. 14.  The art gallery is open Monday through Thursday for those who want to take a look at the exhibition.