Brahmas fall to Pirates

The Brahmas suffered a second straight loss at home against the Ventura College Pirates 4-2.

Both teams started the game off strong, but Ventura scored the first goal of the match. Before halftime, there was some commotion with forward Leslie Ramirez having a disagreement with her coach. Ramirez was benched for the rest of the game.

It was halftime and the Brahmas had yet to score a goal, while the Pirates were leading by two. During the second half, the Brahmas got back into it as they scored two goals from free kicks. The Pirates, however, scored two more goals in the second half and won, leaving the Brahmas with a second loss this season.

According to coach Adolfo Perez, there are a lot of new faces on the team this year. Perez thinks the reason for the losing the game is due to the lack of chemistry between players.

The game plan had changed, but as a result of these losses the Brahmas will be returning to their old strategy for the next game.

“We changed our game plan, trying to think that it was going to work. We’re going through some stuff that we have never really done,” Perez said.

Delaney McNulty, team captain and midfielder of the team realizes there must be understanding between them if they want to win games.

“You can definitely tell in different positions, like defense, that there needs to be more chemistry. On and off the field there are a lot of people that everyone has their group of friends. We all just need to get connected together; we all need to get on the same page and get the same goal,” McNulty said.

The team will be working on more team bonding in hopes of changing their losing streak.

“I think now our energy will be a little higher. Now we’re going to find chemistry more instead of individual. I feel like that was the case, a lot of individual work,” midfielder Angela Verduzco said.

The next game against Victor Valley will be on Friday, Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. at Shepard Stadium.