Brahmas beat the Vaqueros

Brahmas beat the Vaqueros

Pierce women’s volleyball controlled the court in Friday’s game, winning in three sets. Each was taken due to the teamwork used in serving and passing.

Pierce took the three sets, 25-12, 25-16, 25-10. Pierce’s coach Nabil Mardini said the team did well, with room for improvement.

“The girls energy was pretty good. They are playing hard and they start the match very focused. The serving and passing was really good tonight,” Mardini said.

Mardini thinks his team’s collective effort on the court is what takes them far.

“I like what I see in terms of comradery on the court and the way they are supporting each other,” Mardini said. “Playing the Brahma way, that’s what we call it.”

Glendale College’s coach Yvette Ybarra believes the keys to tonight’s game had to do a lot with blocking and defense when encountering their opponents.

“There was too much movement. We started blocking them in the second set and it was because we started setting up our blocks better and we stopped moving so much on defense,” Ybarra said. “So we were able to do the things that we had wanted to do when we came in here. Then in set three we kind of went back to the things that we didn’t want to do, which made it hard.”

Ybarra thinks her team needs to improve on being more cohesive and consistent on the court. Though, she is proud her team never gives up.

Sheldon Sheehy, Pierce’s assistant coach, said the important plays of tonight’s game dealt a lot with serving, receiving, and passing.

“We were able to run our offense consistently throughout the night and developed a really good rhythm from that standpoint,” Sheehy said. “We had a couple of big kills and big blocks that helped generate some momentum.”

The Brahmas showed consistency throughout the sets, earning point after point. The constant serves through the game took a toll on the Vaqueros.

Hayley Alvarez, the setter and opposite hitter for the Brahmas, believes her confidence on the serving line was present in Friday’s game more than usual. In addition to her hitting, Alvarez is thankful for the support she receives from her teammates, which helps her perform strongly.

“Serving and passing were definitely the main keys into executing really well today and we did that. Being Brahma good is what we are all about,” Alvarez said. “It means doing your job in a very detailed manner, taking care of your job, making sure your teammates are as well by holding each other accountable and running like a well oiled machine.”      

The women’s volleyball team said “Being Brahma Good” definitely showed on the court Friday. The team’s motto is to continue playing the Brahma way throughout the season.

The team has a BYE followed by a game against Santa Monica College at 6 p.m. on Nov. 4 at home.