Brahmas lead Vaqueros soccer to staggering defeat

Alejandra Carbajal and Nichole Evans scored their first goals of the season in Tuesday night’s soccer game against the Glendale College Vaqueros, leading to the 3-1 Brahma victory. Missed scoring opportunities and penalties on both teams led to disagreements between Pierce’s coach Adolfo Perez and the referees.

Two goals were made in the first half, which gave the Brahmas a 2-0 lead over the Vaqueros. Carbajal scored the first, followed by Tylee Low who got the second. In the second half, Vaqueros Miluska Huayta put Glendale on the board with their only goal of the night.

Carbajal thought the team could have done better, but she was happy with the overall outcome.

“I saw an opportunity and I went for it,” Carbajal said. “Our performance was frustrating, but we got the win and that is all what matters.”

Evans said she was focused on doing her part, which is how she scored her goal.

“It was a corner kick and I actually ran just a little bit early on my way to it. I saw the ball coming and I got it in,” Evans said. “We had our rough moments, but overall we did what we needed to do and got the win.”

Low said the team had difficulties, but after the goal came the intensity picked up in their favor.

“It was a good ball. It went over the defender, then I ran through it and scored,” Low said. “We had a rough start, but once we scored we were able to pick up the intensity.”

Perez said he was emotional because of the overall performance of the team, much like Carbajal.

“It was a little frustrating in the beginning because we played all defense against a team that had nothing to lose,” Perez said. “We played better in the second half. We were able to control and play our game. We had multiple opportunities and we still need to get better.”

The Brahmas’ next game is against cross town rival LA Valley College on Friday, Nov. 4 at Pierce at 6 p.m.