Con: Dating apps

We live in a society where everything is done electronically. We pay our bills, shop and even go to school this way. For the past 21 years, online dating has been a way our generation has chosen to hit the dating scene.

Online dating is helpful in many ways. Some of us live very hectic lives and don’t have time to go out and try to meet people. Some people are introverts that find it hard to initiate a conversation in person and would rather do it online. These sites such as, and even can be beneficial to those who just don’t have the time to go out and meet people.

But in the past few years, free dating apps, like Tinder, have made their way into our smartphones. But these are not the same as the websites I mentioned earlier.

Tinder is by far the most popular dating app with more than 7 million monthly users. I was one of those users at one time. But I was tricked. I was bamboozled. I was catfished.

I matched with this girl, and after some getting to know each other, we decided to meet up and watch a movie. I got to her house and when she opened the door, she was not who her pictures said she was. Don’t ask me why I still went in to watch the movie, but I did. Half way through the movie, her sister walks in with her boyfriend. Her sister was the girl from the pictures! She used her own sister’s face to meet people.

I am not saying that my one awful date should be the reason you guys don’t use dating apps. But our generation, through all the technological advances, have lost the art of starting a conversation with a stranger. There is a thrill in putting yourself out there and making yourself vulnerable. The worst she can do is pepper spray you, and that probably meant she is not the one for you. But in all seriousness, the worst she will realistically do is say no.

Next time you’re sitting on a bench waiting for class to start, put your phone down and ask the person next to you how they’re doing. Try speed dating. Ask your friends to set you up on a blind date.

Chances are you’re not going to find your future spouse on Tinder. You might just find yourself watching Lawless, counting the seconds until the credits roll next to someone you don’t even know.