Pro: Dating apps

The only thing harder than dating is dating in college. While searching for bae, students have to balance studying, work, and a social life to survive the grind that is college. We ain’t got time to be going on dates with people where there is no connection. This is why hopeless romantics, thirsty individuals or those just looking for friendship should get on “dating” apps, such as Tinder.

Users are able to post pictures and write about themselves. If you like what you see or read, a simple swipe of a finger indicates a like and if they like you back, you will be matched, opening the door for conversation.

Essentially, you’re weeding out those not appealing to you, making dating more straight-forward. The last thing you want is to be stuck on a date with somebody with a decent face and a terrible personality. Somebody you have nothing in common with, when you could’ve simply gotten to know them on a dating app.

In addition, opportunities for socialization in college are limited. It’s either you meet someone in class or you approach that person trying to study on a bench who’s not looking to get hit on.

For those who are afraid to conversate due to fear of rejection, just remember: it’s less embarrassing to get rejected online than by someone who’s in your class who you have to see again. Why not Spark an engaging conversation on Tinder, you never know what might happen!

Perhaps the two biggest issues with dating apps are catfishing and thirsty sexual deviants looking for a hookup. However, catfishing can be solved with one simple method: facetime.

As for avoiding thirsty people, look, dating takes time. It’s important to have an idea of who you’re going out with and these dating apps just give you a better understanding of the person.

According to a survey by, a site which provides college students with job opportunities, 53 percent of college students said they use Tinder for making friends, 27 percent for serious dating and 20 percent for a quick hookup.

So instead of college students avoiding any type of connection, we should utilize our modern technological resources as a way to meet a variety of new and different people.

These dating apps are a valuable asset for socialization and, of course, love. Let’s make college students date again.