Soccer shuts out LA Valley Monarchs

Sara Hernandez’s two goals proved enough as the Brahmas shut out the Los Angeles Valley College Monarchs.  

According to assistant coach William Diaz, the Monarchs have not won a game against Pierce, making this just another game rather than a rivalry.

“I wouldn’t call it a rivalry game. They try to compete with us, but I take it as just any other week,” Diaz said. “I don’t worry about things that don’t happen. I knew we were going to be alright.“

The Brahmas were determined to win this game, according to Sara Hernandez.

Sara Hernandez praised her teammates’ determination and collaborative efforts that led to their win.

“I think we all did better in general. The team, we all knew the importance of this game and everything. We just got focused and the job done,” Hernandez said. “Lucky for me, I was able to take the free kicks.”

There were ten shots on goal with two successful targets. The first goal was in the beginning of the game by Hernandez with an assist from Adriana Sosa.

The second goal happened toward the end of the game with an assist from Leslie Ramirez.

Although Hernandez was the only one to score, the determination of her teammates was clear. A quick pass from Sosa to Destiny Brandsetter’s head narrowly missed the net.

Karen Widmeyer continues to progress as a goalie in her third game, blocking each attempt the Monarchs kicked at her.

“This time I learned a little more from practice and key points. A lot of my teammates have been helping me out by saying ‘You’ve been very aggressive with it’  or  ‘You’ve been doing well, keep it up,” Widmeyer said. “I’ve been feeling very confident every day. I’ll probably keep it as a back. I’ll see where it goes.”

Goalkeeper Brianna Jacobo is set to return in two weeks after sustaining an injury from a car accident on Oct. 27.

The Brahmas are 13-3-2 overall with two games left in conference play.

The Brahmas last home game before playoffs is against College of the Canyons on Friday, Nov.11 at 3 p.m.