Pierce football lose to Antelope Valley

The final game of the Pierce football season summarized all of Pierce’s struggles and why the season ended at 1-9, 0-5.

Like most of its games this season, Pierce was dominated in all phases of the match, leading to a blowout loss against Antelope Valley College, 64-3, in front of the the Brahmas’ home crowd.  

Head Football Coach Jason Sabolic said, “You can learn from failure and you can try to make new. Try to correct the bad things with what you already have.”

Pierce’s lone score came after sophomore Tyral Veney recovered a muffed punt in the first quarter, which led to a 25-yard field goal by freshman kicker Kevin Robledo.

From then on, it was domination by Antelope Valley, scoring 64 unanswered, while turnovers and penalties derailed the Brahma offense.

No play defined the Pierce 2016-17 football season more than when the punter stepped out of his own end zone, resulting in a 2-pt safety for Antelope Valley in the second quarter to put Antelope up 22-3.

Every time the Brahma defense forced a turnover, the offense would immediately give it right back, trading fumbles and interceptions.

Within the first hour of the game, Pierce took a 25-yard field goal making the crowd cheer.

In addition, Pierce fumbled on its own 3-yard line. Antelope Valley took advantage of those turnovers, scoring each time.

In the second half, Pierce failed to score which gave Antelope a chance to continue scoring leading to an ugly defeat.

Although this is the last season, Pierce football athletes hope to recover next year as new players will join the team.

“Honestly, with all the injuries we had to deal with, I think we played the best we could in the situation we were given,” defensive and offensive linesman Dakota Lakey  said. “I don’t think anybody had that many regrets about what we were able to do.”

Wide receiver Harold Alexander thinks the team should be prepared physically and mentally for next season.

“We need to take it more seriously, mentally and physically. We just need to keep working hard,” Alexander said. “Off season, we have to hit the weights and make ourselves better. All year is a grind. All we have to do is grind.”

Sabolic doesn’t blame the defense for giving up so many points. The offense had responsibility as well.

“It wasn’t defense that gave up so many points,” Sabolic said. “We gave them points offensively. It was just a lot of things that went wrong. Just little things, mind in the process and making sure we are accountable, making sure we are on time.”