Mitch’s Pitches: Relationsports

Let me pitch you something: there is a driving force stronger than physical capabilities that has a profound effect on an athlete’s performance. I’m talking about pure, authentic, emotions — love, baby.  

And by love, I am not just talking about the intense intimacy of two souls in a romantic relationship.

No, I am talking about the type of love where the first thing you buy with that first professional level paycheck is a new home for mom. Or the type of love where your health is in critical condition and you jeopardize your own well being for the sake of you and your teammates to win.

Forget money, love is the ultimate motivation. That’s why you cannot hope to be  successful in sports without any type of love.

For those who’ve played, coached or are even a fan of sports, we all have experienced the utter despair of a loss. It’s either we’re flirting with tears of sorrow, or completely losing our minds with unruly anger; there is no in between. However, the anguish of a heartbreaking loss significantly ceases when a loved one comes to our aid with a warm embrace of unconditional acceptance.

It’s the love for the game that provokes such strong emotions after the loss. And it’s the love for another human being that helps us move forward.

Love does not just affect us on an intimate level, but also a physical level. According to a study by, brain scans of people in love showed that there was increased blood flow to regions of the brain associated with motivation. Also, 400 athletes were surveyed and asked whether love enhanced their performance, 55 percent said yes.

Now, as far as romantic love, many have stated that it is a distraction to main priorities, and they’re right, it is a distraction — but only because of the person THEY’RE dating.

That’s why if you’re an athlete trying to find a legitimate partner, it is imperative that he or she is a supportive figure in your life, and not just a constant attention-seeking gold-digger.

The biggest factor in why people play sports is “who or what are you doing it for?”

All you need is love to find out.