Vaqueros Conquer the Brahmas

The football team continued its losing streak with a loss against Santa Barbara College by a score of 51-10.

“It was horrible, this is our seventh game losing streak and I guess everybody is getting use to losing so it’s pretty bad,” said running back Sterling Salguero.

The small number of players this season may be to blame for the Brahma’s ongoing losses.

“It’s very difficult now in days to practice with how many injuries we’ve had and just being so decimated in numbers makes it pretty impossible to prepare properly for a game,” said Head coach Jason Sabolic. “We’re trying to put our best foot forward and just gut out the rest of the way.”

The Vaqueros maintained the lead against the Brahmas throughout the entire game scoring a total of seven touchdowns and kicking one field goal.

“I’m always pleased with a win, I’m pleased that we don’t really have any glaring injuries that’s always a concern and I’m proud of our guys they played hard, said the Head coach for Santa Barbara City College Craig Moropoulos. “We prepare for a very talented athletic team and we face that every week and that’s how we prepare.”

The highlight of the game came in the third quarter when Brahmas scored a field goal by kicker Kevin Robledo followed by a 49-yard rushing touchdown by running back Sterling Salguero.

“It felt pretty good, it was our first rushing touchdown of the year so pretty exciting and then my teammates came to congratulate me,” Salguero said.

“It feels good to help the team,” Robledo said.

There is one game left of the season and with the low number of players this season there is no post-season in sight for the Brahmas.

“We’re just so low in numbers that it’s difficult to even prepare, we’re just trying to get better every day and do whatever we can to make sure our guys do the right thing, stay together, get film, have some fun and just play football and finish out the season,” said Coach Sabolic.

According to Salguero the disadvantage of having a smaller team is that some players do double positions to compensate becoming tired faster.

“When we first started off we had like sixty players and now we’re down to like 20 and everybody’s just playing both ways,” Salguero said. “That’s why when we play defense everybody’s tired and when we play offense people are going both ways so like the other team has an advantage.”

The next game will be at Shepard Stadium Saturday, Nov. 12 at 6 p.m. against Antelope Valley College.

“We only have one game left so I think we’re just going to do the same thing we did today and everyone play whatever they can and try to get some film out and just do our best even though we don’t have the most players,” said Robledo.