A major help for students

Those enrolled in college have already taken the first step toward securing a bright future, but many wonder what comes next.

On Dec. 8, students filled the Great Hall with the hopes of finding some answers to that very question, at the Meet Your Major Fair.

The event was from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and provided attendees with information about majors, various programs of study at Pierce and potential career paths, as well as free food.

Pierce College Career Center Director and counselor Wendi Meckler was thrilled with the turnout and said more students had shown up than she originally expected.

“The main goal is to provide students with more information about majors and careers all in one place,” Meckler said.

She encourages all students to go visit both the Career Center and Transfer Center at Pierce to get information and assistance when making important decisions about their future. There, students can get help searching for jobs and building their resumes or information about transferring to another college.

The Meet Your Major fair took the Career and Transfer Centers directly to the students.  

Professors, instructors and department chairs spent the day answering questions at the event.

The Chair of the Life Sciences department Laurence Thouin volunteered to work at the fair and said there was a good amount of interest in his department from students who attended.

“Typically when we have these [events], and I’ve been to many, the questions [from students] involve how to get to a certain career pathway,” Thouin said.

Most of the students who spoke with him at the fair want to be doctors, dentists or marine biologists and don’t know how to get there. Thouin did his best to answer questions students had about his department.

Pierce business major Sara Larin was one of many who attended and she said it really benefited her personally.

“[This event] helped me to realize what careers I can go into with this major because I didn’t know exactly. I was like, ‘I’m just going to major in business because I’m good at it,’ but [the fair] let me explore where I want to go with it,” Larin said.

Students looking for further information can attend the job fair coming up this spring or stop by the Career Center or Transfer Center, both located in the Student Services Building.   

The Meet Your Major Fair is set to return next fall.