Strive for an eco-friendly campus

Due to a lack of recycling bins available on campus, ASO senators are urging for a change in the recycling system by getting a third party contractor to pick up recycling items such as batteries, electronics, chemicals, oil and newspapers to make it convenient for members of the local community.

Each ASO member had expressed issues and concerns about recycling on campus and what needs to be done to get more recycling bins at Pierce.

According to Emma Sargsian, ASO senator, this topic is still in discussion, and although Pierce is a large campus, a lot of students are impacted by this and it affects the environment significantly.

“I have recognized that there are barely any recycling bins on campus,” Sargian said. “I feel that a lot of people have an interest in recycling and we have not really talked a lot about it yet, so we are trying to get our voice heard through this.”

According to ASO senator Kareen Cohen-Sadik, their goal is to have two waste management drives a week to provide access for students to dispose of their personal information they no longer use.

“Toward finals week we are trying to put on an event where we bring in a company such as waste management that properly disposes things that we commonly use, such as batteries that are never disposed properly and are harmful to the environment if they are just throwing it in the trash,” Cohen said. “We want to preserve a clean environment for all students.”

According to ASO senator Caroline Maroutian, it would be easier to have a better recycling system on campus.

“The thing about Pierce is, we consider ourselves as an eco-friendly campus but we don’t even have enough recycling bins available,” Maroutian said. “Five years ago if they would have put them up to begin with; so someone needs to initiate this,”

According to ASO Vice President Amir Haghi, Pierce has done a great job with recycling, but he thinks more could be done.

“I think it is a great ideal because I personally recycle myself,” Haghi said. “Recycling is what will save the earth from deteriorating.”