Health fair to cure unemployment

Students who want to pursue a future in the healthcare industry are encouraged to explore career options at the Healthcare Career Exploration and Job Fair on March 1 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Great Hall.

Students who attend the event will have the chance to meet with healthcare professionals, shop around for career options and network with potential employers.

Pierce College counselor of Economic and Workforce Development David Turcotte said the job fair is a must for all students, even those who aren’t sure if healthcare is their preferred career path.

“To hear presentations, talk to employers and get a real strong feel for what’s out there, I would really implore any student to take advantage of these opportunities,” Turcotte said. “It’s not everyday you get to interface with someone who’s working and doing something you want to do.”

Pierce anatomy instructor Richard Mellinger is the director of L.A. Healthcare Competencies to Careers Consortium (LAH3C). He said different employers will attend the event seeking to hire students.

“Employers will be coming with jobs in hand looking to hire,” Mellinger said. “There will be positions for RNs and LBNs. We’re bringing in several different disciplines within healthcare to make 20 minute presentations and offer time for a Q&A afterwards.”

Mellinger is working to obtain a grant for students interested in healthcare. According to Mellinger, more than 450 students at Pierce have responded with interest for the grant, demonstrating that jobs in the healthcare industry are on the rise.

Wendi Meckler, counselor and director of the Career Center, said that other workshops are offered on campus to help students prepare for a job fair. The workshops include resume building and how to dress to impress.

“It will make students think about employment, about what they want to do, and maybe even get them some work experience so they can put that on a resume,” Meckler said. “Besides having one place where employers are actually wanting to hire Pierce College students, they should look forward to having the opportunity to practice networking with professionals.”