Metro U-Pass sales postponed

The Metro U-Pass was scheduled to be on sale today at the bookstore, but has been postponed due to technical issues with the register that activates the passes.

According to bookstore buyer Chara Coleman-Roberts, more than 25 students asked to purchase the U-Pass this morning.

“We don’t have them. Somebody’s not doing their job,” Coleman-Roberts said. “And now we’ve got the students mad at us.”

Coleman-Roberts said the bookstore employees would have to be trained to create the U-Pass.

According to Candy Van, assistant bookstore manager, they are calling Metro asking about the delay and will start selling them as soon as the issue is resolved.

“We have the stickers, but the register isn’t working,” Van said.

According to Christine Valada, assistant administrative analyst, the machines were installed on Friday, but Metro representatives will be there tomorrow at 10 a.m.