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Gain experience with job fair

An array of professionals working in various fields, from software design to law enforcement, will be answering students’ questions in their respective line of work.

The Career Center is hosting a Job Fair on Thursday, March 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will offer students seeking to land a job a chance to meet with employers and different vendors in the community.

Professionals attending will provide opportunities within career fields such as the food industry, education, government and more. Presentations and information will be available for students looking to expand their career choices.

It is an event meant to create professional connections, establish first impressions with potential employers and explore different options in the working world, regardless of whether or not a person is set on an occupation.

Economic and Workforce Development College Counselor David Turcotte advised that students should engage with their employment community.

“[The Job Fair] is a good opportunity for students to showcase their resume and find out what jobs and careers are out there,” Turcotte said.

Most of the employers attending the Job Fair will be looking to hire immediately.

“It’s promoting employers from across various domains. It’s for students looking for entry level or even career specific type of employment,” Turcotte said. “It’s important for students to engage with employers.”

Wendi Meckler, counselor and director at the Career Center, said the upcoming Job Fair will be hosting more than a dozen different employers and vendors such as early education, engineering, hospitality, healthcare, government, social work, law enforcement, insurance and software design.

“A lot of students are undecided on what to do,” Meckler said. “This gives them a good idea of some areas they could pursue their careers. It’s good for them to see areas they can get part time jobs, internships and volunteer work. They’ll also be talking about full time opportunities too.”

Meckler said this is an excellent way for students with little or no work experience to prospect the options available in the job market and begin acquiring professional experience.

According to Meckler, Eureka Burger, located in the Woodland Hills Village, will be catering the event with food for attending students and faculty.

Career Guidance Counseling Assistant Lusine Koshkaryan is working closely with Meckler to assure the Job Fair is successful and aid students in seizing the most opportunities they can.

“The Job Fair is a great way for students to explore their major,” Koshkaryan said. “And see what field could spark their interest to point them in the right direction.”

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