Con: Concerts are distracting

Students shouldn’t go to shows or music festivals during the school year because it detracts from their full responsibilities from school.

Yes, music is a vital part of many of our lives, but attending bands’ performances and other types of music events shouldn’t be something that students plan during the school year.

Students should not go to see shows or concerts during the semester because most of the events happen at the least opportune of times. I know that there have been times that I have wanted to see bands or artists perform, but couldn’t make it because they happened on one of my school nights. These times are not considerate to the average student’s schedule and force them to stay up past an adequate time, keeping them from getting the proper rest that they need.

Most concerts or shows that fall on a weeknight do not start until after 7 p.m. That time, however, isn’t when you see the headliner band, but the filler bands and opening acts that come before. If one is there for the headliner band, they may stay hours to finish the concert all of the way through.

I have been to concerts where artists have performed for hours past the normal time that it usually takes to finish a set. Though I enjoyed the extra playtime, it bled into my next day and my work suffered because of the lack of sleep I had from having to stay the extra time. Yes, I could have left early to accommodate my schedule, but honestly who turns down an encore when a band gives it to you?

Another reason students shouldn’t attend concerts or music festivals during the school year is because they lose that time being productive. Many of our assignments are not done in the classroom. They are to be done at home and require our full attention.

Music festivals, such as Coachella, take up the whole weekend. Though the festival grounds might have hotspots, students aren’t going to be using them for school work; they are going to be using them to upload selfies from the event. All of that time that was afforded to them during that festival would be squandered as they enjoyed the festivities going on around them.

Lastly, students trying to attend these concerts or music festivals are sacrificing more than just money to attend these events. They have to figure out much more than just attending; they also need to figure out things such as transportation, who they are going with, and how. All of these things can cause extra and unnecessary stress for a student trying to do their best during a school semester.