Pro: Concerts help distress

Concert attendance during the semester is beneficial for students, because it can contribute to lower stress levels and better moods.

Within the labyrinth of demands that being a student carries, it is important to remember one’s individual identity. Music and other personal interests allow a student to connect with who they are outside of school, and such a connection can be revitalizing for a student who is buried in coursework.

Engaging in activities that are rewarding to the individual, based solely on intrinsic motivation, can remind a person why they are putting forth so much effort in other areas of their lives, such as school.

Often it is helpful during an arduous project to take a break to recharge and come back with a fresh perspective. Concert attendance during the semester offers such an opportunity. A student can attend a concert and literally shake off the stress they have been carrying, then return feeling refreshed and ready to go.

For many, music is medicine, and the therapeutic effects are definite. During the semester, when both the assignments and stress pile up, it is invaluable to have such a release.

When a person is carrying around stress, they are often distracted. A student burdened by everyday stress can have their studies affected by anxiety. Studies have shown that going to a concert can be linked to decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Music can also help to release emotions bottled up, liberating a person of emotional weight.

The entire process of attending a show or concert is enlivening. In the weeks or days before the occasion, the person experiences the excitement that comes with looking forward to a concert. It can be a welcome break to see that a musical festival is on the calendar, in addition to the ongoing heap of studies.The anticipation of an upcoming event can even serve as a motivator—the student will be driven to complete all of their work so that they can let go at the event and truly enjoy themselves. The memories and joy gained through the experience of a concert can contribute to a person feeling inner fulfillment. When a person is operating from that space, they are likely to do better in all aspects of their lives.

One might argue that concert attendance could serve as a distraction. Anything can be a distraction in a student’s life, such as Facebook or relationships, if they allow it. It’s up to the individual to choose to be conscious of balancing their school and personal life.

Having a release is healthy. For some people, that release is sports, or going to the gym. If attending concerts or music festivals resonates with a student, it is a great thing to do during the semester to blow off steam, enjoy oneself and re-focus.