Forum introduces candidates

Senators and students are finishing their campaigns for four spots on the Associated Students Organization’s executive board.

ASO hosted a candidate’s forum on Monday to allow prospective candidates running for executive board positions to introduce themselves to the student body and share their reasons for running for the selected position.

ASO Senator Tracy Johnson managed the forum, ensuring that the candidates had their allocated time and facilitated the questions after the candidates were done with their speeches.

Out of the eight candidates who are running for office, only one is not currently part of the ASO and is considered a newcomer, Johnson said.

“Shayna is not a part of the senate, but the drive to come in here as an outsider, I really admire her and look forward to hearing more about her campaign,” Johnson said.

Shayna Lavi and Efren Lopez are both running for ASO President.

Lavi wants to bring more transparency to the ASO, helping to ensure that students know exactly what is happening.

“Something I feel passionate about our students having a voice on college campuses,” Lavi said. “I feel like student government organizations are not always transparent, and they don’t always have the best interests of our students. I think the ASO at Pierce College is doing a great job and our past administration was amazing, but I am interested in advocating for our students here, and I really want to do that.”

Lopez, on the other hand, wants to help facilitate more student connections to help students not feel so out of place while on campus.

“I believe there are a couple of problems with Pierce College, especially with student engagement,” Lopez said. “My first year at Pierce, I kind of did not know what I was doing as I felt a bit disconnected from the school. It wasn’t until my second year, I started to get involved after having to work to get the information on how to. I want to make that easier for new students that come to Pierce College.”

The other candidates that attended the forum were Janvi Pasricha and Tara Makabi for Vice President, Matthew Aguilera for Treasurer and Kosar Afsari for Club Council President. The two candidates who are running for LACCD Trustee, Christopher Martinez and Vicco Croffard, were unable to attend.

Pierce student Erik Voloteky attended the ASO candidate’s forum because he believes that it is important to know the candidates and what they stand for.

“I feel like it is interesting for the school and the student body to really see who is running for certain positions,” Voloteky said. “I liked what Matthew had to say. I really like his background and what he is trying to achieve with it. I really like how Kosar wants to have more student involvement and have more events to have the campus livelier than it is right now. I think I can completely agree with her on that sort of thing.”

According to Johnson, the candidates will be allowed to campaign until the 27. Voting will be on April 26 and 27. ASO will hire personnel who are non-partial to the election to run the official voting station.