Departments’ recommendations

Updated guidelines for hiring new professors will allow respective departments more influence in the process by creating a ranking system for prospective hires that would be sent before Pierce College President Kathleen Burke, according to senator for the CAS Edouard Tchertchian.

A document with details of the process was discussed in the Academic Senate meeting on May 8 in the Great Hall. Tchertchian said that when updating the paperwork, they wanted it to make sense for a Pierce College in 2017 that would not restrict departments in any way.

The last time the process was updated was in 2009.

The faculty now has the ability to send a ranking list to the Burke with the final hires, Tchertchian said. The process is several rounds with the first round being faculty interviews and then sending the recommended top people to the president.

“The president has allowed inputs through paper lists before. She would ask for our input, but it was usually a representative of the committee that went to the presidential interview, so now they can go in lists that the committee votes on if they want to,” Tchertchian said. “The president was very supportive on working with us and was very open to this.”