Instructors: Broadcast yourself

Every college student typically misses at least one class during their educational career. An option to have livestreamed courses would be a great benefit to both students and teachers.

Students are not all immune or lucky enough to prevent unforeseen events that affect class attendance. Sometimes, you miss a class due to being sick. You’re still capable of learning, but cannot physically be present in the class.

If livestream was available to students and teachers, it would help the student continue to learn and teachers would not have to reiterate information already given during their lesson.

To be fair, teachers could have the option to only livestream during their class and would not have the lessons saved online to watch. That way, students who did not attend could take notes as the teacher lectures live from class. In this way, students will have the same feeling of urgency to take notes as they would if they were physically in the classroom.

Almost everything has become digital, from exercise guidance to business meetings. Applications such as Facetime and Skype have made it more and more popular for people to conduct interviews and meetings online without having to physically be in front of each other.

Online presence works in the business world and also for the health industry. People can follow along to exercise videos to become fit. There’s websites like Twitch and Youtube, which provide platforms to livestream content to followers and subscribers.

You don’t need top quality equipment to livestream. People are able to do it from their phones. Instagram is another application that has joined this new trend of livestreaming, and it only goes to show how popular it has become for young adults.  

We already offer online courses, some of which share previously recorded lectures with students. It would only take one step further to make livestreaming an option for students as well. It would be like an add-on for students to purchase when signing up for their courses. There could be an extra fee for that accommodation.

If a teacher is concerned about attendance going down, they could have a limited amount of livestreams available per student. For example, a teacher could limit it to three livestreams to match their course requirements of how many absences they allow.

Schools should be doing their best to provide students with ways to succeed, and this is why we have workshops, tutoring centers, and office hours with teachers. If there is a fair way to share a lesson with a student so they don’t fall behind or feel lost next class, let’s do it.