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Indoor seating at Brahma cafe removed

Indoor seating at Brahma cafe removed
A line of students wait to place an order at the Brahma Cafe which sits empty with no seating for students at Pierce College on Thursday, August 31, 2017 in Woodland Hills, Calif. Photo by Anna Clark.

All indoor seating at the Brahma Café has been removed and will not return, according to cafe employees.

As the heat continues into the hundreds, Pierce students consume their food and drink outside, as air-conditioned options are no longer available.

Harut Tatulyan, a first-year student, said that indoor seating would be so much more convenient.

“If it’s something that is a cost issue and can only be done during a certain season, it should be during summer,” Tatulyan said.

When the Brahma Café staff was asked if indoor seating would return, they said it would not. Staff declined any further comment explaining why.

More information to follow.